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Letizia Gioia Monda
Doctoral Candidate
Modern Dance & Floor Barre teacher,

Letiza Giola Monda Modern Dance
                  Barre Floor

Graduated in ballet and in contemporary dance, I studied at the National Academy of Dance in Rome and I perfectioned my formation as dancer with intensive summer workshops: for the ballet to the  Accademì De Dance Classique Princesse Grace (Montecarlo) and to the Joffrey Ballet School (New York); for the contemporary techniques to the Impuls Tanz (Vienna) and to the Alvin Ailey School (New York). Debuted as performer to Biennale di Venezia during 40th Festival of Theatre. I worked with best choreographers as Ricky Sim (Theatre of Art of Singapore). Moved in Frankfurt am Main on February 2012 to carry forward on field my pragmatical research for the PhD on the Body Knowledge through Motion Bank, the last project of The Forsythe Company. Since 2012 I work as ballet and modern / Jazz / Floor Barre teacher at DAS STUDIO, ballet school in Frankfurt am Main.

Education & Work Experience
  • Doctoral Candidate in ‘Digital Technologies and Methodologies for the Research on the Performing Arts’ - Human Science Faculty of the “La Sapienza” University of Rome – Research Title: The Motion Bank’s Community: The Body Knowledge in Dance and in Choreography.
  • Performer, for the project festival “Entlang der Mainzer“ der Evangelischen Akademie Hessen & Nassau; Show: Portrait um 15:00 Uhr, choreographer Yasna Shindler (Frankfurt am Main)
  • Personal Assistant of the choreographer Yasna Shindler for the Performance 2012: Liebe. (Gallus Theater, Frankfurt am Main)
  • ‘IMPULZ TANZ’ – Vienna – perfection of contemporary technique with Ismael Ivo: Modern Flow.
  • Attended in “Introducing Motion Bank” conference and workshop in Frankfurt Lab
  • Performer, 2nd edition at ‘Napoli Theatre Festival’, “Città Visibili” by Chay Yew. Director Giorgio Barberio Corsetti – Choreographer Ricky Sim, Theatre of Art of Singapore.
  • Performer, Biennale di Venezia 40th Festival of Theatre; Show “Il giavellotto dalla punta d’oro” directed by Giorgio Marini
  • Performer, ‘Summer Intensive’ show at New York University: Neo-classic Pièce choreographer Jason Melms; Contemporary Pièce choreographer Max Luna.
  • New York at Joffrey Ballet School and Alvin Ailey School.
  • "Accademì De Dance Classique Princesse Grace”,  fondation Marika Besobrasova – Montecarlo.
  • National Academy of Dance – Rome
  • Classic, Modern and Contemporary Dance Diploma; ‘Progetto Danza’- Laura Gaudieri Pedro de la Cruz (Royal Theatre of Madrid)